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How to Conduct Effective Governance Online Meetings

How to Conduct Effective Governance Online Meetings

Governance Online Meetings can be effective and fun ways to take decisions that affect the whole organisation. However, they’re not a replacement for face-to-face meetings. Board members and shareholders have to be physically present in order to make decisions that are legally binding.

Virtual meetings should be conducted as close as possible to the experience of an in-person one. This means that participants have to prepare for the meeting by reading any advanced material, they need to be on time and they should communicate with each other just as they would during an in-person meeting.

The best way to do this is to create an agenda for the meeting that is distributed to all participants in advance and give a specific timeframe for each item on the agenda. This will ensure that discussions remain on track and prevents the meeting from running over its time. The presiding officer can also encourage participants to send messages or raise their hands at any time they wish to participate. This will let participants express their opinions without disrupting other members, and will ensure that they are not feeling isolated.

The chief of police should encourage the use of the muted button. This will lessen background noises like children crying, dogs barking, or Virtual meeting doorbells that ring. They should also ensure that they check in with their attendees frequently to ensure they’re in a position to participate. In addition, they should ensure that minutes are recorded of the meeting and that all important decisions or actions are recorded.


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